We embrace a new learning model that marries rigorous academic curricula with real-life practical experiences. Every day we welcome on our campuses professionals, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and influencers, willing to support our educational mission.

Co-design a Global Research Project

We believe people learn better by doing, so we have developed an unconventional research program that reflects our commitment to this belief. Hult students can put their fresh perspectives to work to help you solve your business challenges. You can test ideas, markets, competitors, and business models, by engaging students from every Hult campus across the world. Global Research Projects also give organizations an opportunity to better evaluate potential full-time talent.

Run a Skills-Development Workshop

Sharing your knowledge is an excellent opportunity to help students develop skills that could eventually benefit your organization. No matter what is your field of expertise, we openly welcome subject-matter experts that can contribute to the learning experience of our students.

Become a Mentor

The Hult Alumni Mentorship program gives Hult alumni the opportunity to help current students (and, potentially, future colleagues) through their journey. But it also does more than that — it gives alumni the chance to remain connected to Hult, and plays a valuable role in keeping the school’s global community vibrant and dynamic.

Be a Guest Speaker

Join one of our on-campus experts panel discussions, and share your story. You can also get connected with our Faculty, and join one of our classes as an industry expert. You can make a direct impact to the learning journey of our students.